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OHNE ROLF goes international:

Two men in suits. A thousand posters. A silent conversation starts. Soon they flick through the pages for their life... Jonas Anderhub and Christof Wolfisberg are virtuosos of printed improvisation. With their absurd and ingenious play on words they move somewhere between theatre, cabaret and animated comic strip.

In 1999 they tried out their poster idea for the first time. With deadpan faces they placed themselves in a crowded street holding up a poster saying: "There is nothing to be seen here." Passers-by were puzzled. Was there really nothing to be seen? Another poster had the answer: "Move on, there is really nothing to be seen!"

OHNE ROLF is on tour since 2004 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with 5 differnt shows in German. But they also have been performing their programme in French, English and even in Chinese. (2015 OHNE ROLF was on tour in China with the Chineses translation.) 

OHNE ROLF performed already more than 2000 times and was part of many TV-Shows in Germany and Switzerland. (Watch youtube videos)

OHNE ROLF is winner of various Theatre-Awards. (Deutsche Kleinkustpreis, Prix Pantheon, Deutscher Kabarettpreis, Schweizer Innvoationspreis SurPrix, and more...)

Please contact the managment if you wanna see OHNE ROLF in your country OHNE ROLF if you want to book OHNE ROLF for your gala, event, opening, etc. 


Here you can see a show in English!



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